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360° Communication

Schalnich Communications is connecting Swiss businesses to new customers.

In today’s business environment online presence and digital marketing are the major marketing activities for most Swiss businesses. But traditional offline marketing can also still be powerful – if traceable and measurable!

In addition to online marketing, Schalnich Communications is offering offline marketing for a 360° marketing communication of your brand.


We can help you organizing an event, conducting content for a product or company brochure, poster or flyer. We get creative and come up with traditional marketing activities that will strengthen your relationship to your customer and eventually convert them into retaining customers.


Schalnich Communications is offering:


  • traditional and offline marketing activities

  • content creation for your offline marketing communications and print material (e. g. product brochures, annual reports, posters, traditional and event related newsletters)

  • event management and organisation of internal or external events (team building, conferences, offsite meetings, seminars)

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