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Target audience: russian-speaking customers

Schalnich Communications is connecting Swiss businesses to Russian-speaking customers.

Schalnich Communications is specialised in acquisition of Russian-speaking customers for small and mid-sized Swiss companies. We spread your product story amongst Russian-speaking customers, and reach them on the channels they are spending their time on.


When we think about search engines and search engine optimization (SEO), we most likely think of Google as the most common source for our information search. But in fact, for digital media usage and behaviour, as well as social media the following rule applies: each culture has its own preferences, behaviours and trends for where and how information is gained and conducted. The digital media usage of other cultures doesn’t necessarily correspond to European trends or habits using the World Wide Web.

When it comes to Russian-speaking customers and their behaviour of digital usage statistics show that the top search engine in the Russian Federation is It has a search engine market share of 53%. In other words, Google is for Russians the second source for gathering information in the World Wide Web with 43%.
Although has a market share of around 1% worldwide there is an overall growing tendency for yandex usage.

Schalnich Communications helps you improving your website’s content to ensure your website will be indexed & ranked within search engines on Google or Yandex. We help you pushing your website content so it will be found by your Russian-speaking audience and customer.


We translate your website content or print marketing material from English or German to Russian, and we take care of your digital marketing in Russian.


We offer:

  • content marketing in Russian

  • search engine optimisation for organic and paid search in Russian

  • web analysis

  • online advertisement in Russian

  • search engine advertisement in Russian

  • display advertisement in Russian

  • social media marketing in Russian

  • influencer marketing with Russian-speaking influencers


Do you want to reach Russian-speaking customers for your Swiss business?

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