Schalnich Communications is connecting Swiss businesses to new customers.

We are offering realistic and holistic marketing and communications strategies that fit your resources and budget.

Schalnich Communications can help you with your marketing communications and digital marketing activities if you are running a small or medium-size Swiss business, and


  • you want to expand and upscale your recent marketing communications activities, or

  • you want to improve your current digital performance.


Schalnich Communications is:


  • offering consultancy in marketing strategy and digital marketing strategy

  • analysing your marketing and communications strategy

  • jointly developing marketing objectives (through SMART model)

  • defining your marketing communications strategy for online and offline marketing activities

  • setting up content plan for marketing & communications activities based on defined SMART marketing objectives

  • content marketing

  • search engine optimisation (SEO)

  • search engine marketing (for organic and paid search)

  • web analysis

  • online advertisement

  • search engine advertisement

  • social media marketing

  • influencer marketing with German-speaking, English-speaking or Russian-speaking influencers)

Schalnich Communications is connecting your business to new customers!