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Advertisement & paid marketing campaigns

Schalnich Communications is connecting Swiss businesses to new customers.

When it comes to online advertisement, it’s not enough just to place an ad and to wait until the magic happens. For online ads, analysis and follow-ups are required in order to ensure that invested marketing budgets are wisely spent.


This is why Schalnich Communications offers:


  • keyword analysis

  • keyword optimisation

  • prepare and launch advertisement

  • target potential customers through paid ads

  • ads optimisation

  • lead generation

  • search engine marketing

  • local marketing

  • international marketing

  • pay-per-click marketing

  • ad extensions

  • setting up goals and conversions

  • bid strategies & bid optimisation

  • setting up tools for your website traffic & data analysis

  • web analysis

  • evaluation of your website statistics

  • search engine optimisation

  • setting up goals and conversions

  • legal aspects based on GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation

Schalnich Communications can help you optimising your digital ads and campaigns.

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