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TOP 5 social media tools used by Russian-speakers today!

Updated: May 14, 2020

Where do Russian-speaking users spend most time on social media?
Where do Russian-speaking users spend most time on social media?

In 2018 around 144 million Russian-speaking users are living in the Russian Federation. Sounds like an abstract and huge number, and just to put it into perspective: this is about 18 times the population of Switzerland!

Let’s have a look on the user behavior of Russian-speakers within the digital world of social media! And by the way, we are not even talking about all Russian-speakers worldwide. As in 2010, around 260 million Russian-speakers were spread around the globe! But this is a separate topic.


45% of the population within the Russian Federation are older than 18, and are using at least one social media platform once a day. According to VICOM, the Russian Public Opinion Research Center, 91% of young Russian-speakers between 18 and 24 years are using digital media on a daily basis. Within the group of 25 to 34 years old Russians about 69% are using social media tools on a daily basis. Only 15% of those who are 60 years old (and older) are using digital media daily.

Statistics of social media tools used by Russian-speakers today.
Statistics of social media tools used by Russian-speakers today. (Source:

Currently, the most popular social media platform amongst Russian-speakers is YouTube, followed by Vkontakte (which means “being in contact”, e. g. being in contact with someone or being in someone’s contacts), the least popular platform is Instagram. It only has the half of Russian-speaking users in comparison to YouTube.

And yes, Facebook is not the leading digital media tool amongst Russians! It’s used by “only” 35% of Russian-speakers while Vkontakte is used by 61%.


Let’s wrap up these facts above and to get some real numbers around them. Here are some (rounded) figures for users from the Russian Federation. They are ranked and listed by the popularity of the social media platform:

YouTube: 90 million

VKontakte: 88 million

Odnoklassniki: 60 million

Facebook: 50 million

Instagram: 45 million

Around 55 million Russian speakers are using messengers such as Skype and WhatsApp.


Now, that you know that there are millions and millions Russian-speaking social media users out there, what’s next? Well, first of all it’s never wrong to know where your potential customers or clients “sit” and on which tool they spend most of their time within the world of social media. Secondly, if you’re running a(ny kind of) business you might ask yourself if you would like to be on the platform of your (potential) customer, too? And, thirdly, it’s important to keep in mind that when referring to statistics on social media usage (and, in principle when referring to any kind of stats) it’s always good to analyze consumers’ behavior in a specific location or geographical area that you’re targeting as a market.

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