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SEO Content Marketing

Content marketing

Schalnich Communications is connecting Swiss businesses to new customers.

In a digital society where majority of today’s customers and users obtain there information from the World Wide Web your website design and content matters. Even more, your website is your business card.


We take care of your website’s content, and make sure your potential customer finds your product, your service, and your business. We also optimise your website’s keywords for better site ranking so you can achieve your SEO goals.


Schalnich Communications is:


  • analysing your website and its content

  • advising you on technical and search engine optimisation

  • analysing relevant keywords for your business and field

  • writing and copy editing your website’s content

Schalnich Communications is also offering trainings and workshops around the topic Search Engine Optimization. Chek out here upcoming events.

Need to boost your SEO?

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