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Where focus goes, energy flows! Tips for Digital Marketing Communications - How to be good with less


You might think that this quote seems irrelevant for digital marketing communication, and for a marketing strategy in general. But here’s the thing: if you are new to the market and you’re a one-(wo)man-business you’re trying hard to succeed on any relevant medium and channel that generates conversions, and eventually turns your community, followers, fans and potential customers into buyers. Possibly, you might even think that being everywhere is better than downscaling presence on tools available to you. And maybe you are even comparing your business with market leaders, ignoring the aspect of their resources, such as time and budgets.

Digital Marketing Tips
Focus for Digital Marketing Communications

This is why my recommendation would be: focus, and choose your battles for marketing communications wisely!

Do some research to identify where your customers might be, and create content for this particular channel and audience. Stick to two to (maximum!) three communications channels – be it online or offline. While mastering marketing communications within your chosen channels, measure content performance and revise content. Identify top days and time for each channel when your community is consuming your content the best. Try to communicate to your network when they are ready to receive input – not, when you are ready to share it.

So when you focus on two to three channels and proactively try and test different formants within it, when you measure performance and adjust your output you’ll be more likely to see clearly the medium you definitely have to cover within your digital marketing communication portfolio.

Would you agree that it’s crucial to focus on fewer channels, especially for small businesses and start-ups? Looking forward to your thoughts and comments. Share them below!


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